About Me

Cameron Gilkes

Writer, Chef, Business Ops Manager, and more


Hey. I’m Cameron. When I started this about me, I thought it would be easy. You know I write some superfluous facts and history about me and boom. I’m done. But that was not the case. So let’s see if we can do this and not bore everyone who stumbles upon this page. Because let’s be honest, how many of you actually read this? I don’t.

I’m a Brooklyn-based Operations Manager focused on tech-enabled companies. With a primary focus on the Insurtech industry. I’ve spent the last 12 years doing everything from policy management, staff & forecasting, process improvement, and partnerships. I stumbled upon this when I realized my dreams of being a politician meant selling my soul to evil capitalist companies sweating the bottom line. So instead, I manage a team responsible for disability and paid family leave insurance.

As I’m not just a day job, I consider myself an artist. Maybe akin to a fake writer. Because I’ve never published anything. I love poetry, screenwriting, and generally working on novels, I periodically may never finish. Or ones I have finished and constantly am rewriting. I’m in love with words, even if I’m a failure commercially.

tl;dr – cliché Brooklyn writer with a day job trying to survive. Will he break through? TBD.

I do enjoy whiskey btw…