Time to Change Part 2

For my second post originally planned on talking about the NYPD impounding my car. How hard of a fight it was (and still is) to get it back. And how two governments in two different states treated me like I was scum or a criminal but seriously…That’s another post for another day. Maybe when I talk about how expensive it really was to move here. But soon I will be switching to a bi-weekly format. More on that later.


However, I wanted to talk more about jumping ship. I was probably one of the more fortunate millennials as my parents were a large part of why I finally took the plunge. For my most of my life they encouraged creativity and individual identity. That we need to be who we are and not let anyone else make that choice for us.


I remember one time I had a drawing class where the professor told me to be someone else. Cause the other student drew better than me. My mother noticed it didn’t sit well and after we talked it out I quit. My father was the same way and he always taught and showed us all sorts of things too. I have him  to thank for how technical I am in all things electronic.


For me that was what helped me to understand why Corporate America was so unsettling. For some people it is fine. It makes sense. It is their world. And frankly it was never mine. One thing I feel that never gets mentioned is that you can be born into a world and society can tell you to live a certain  way. However, there are mechanisms that give us an out. My parents were the first reminder of how I never had to stay in a broken system. Being taught the importance of creativity, individualism, and self reliance. While I will be honest and say they didn’t always stick the first time but they were there.


So it is no surprise when I say that I was never yes man. I suck at brown nosing. I despise nepotism. And I think too much structure and hierarchy is trash. While I am not against organizational I think there is a distinction between it and overbearing control. In all the jobs I had it reminded me constantly that this wasn’t for me. I think part of my anxiety was even due to this. I had conversation with my Mom recently and she said something was 100% right.. When I was kid they saw me living in Japan or Russia. And honestly, to me that would’ve been worlds better.


But to my dismay I fell into a line where you see other people your age. You want to be successful? Don’t chase the dreams. Chase the corporate culture. And yet, I wasn’t raised or born this way. Instead a system of college and career choices. That is what forces you into the mold. And that isn’t right. If you don’t want it why should you be part of it?


Joining the startup industry was the smartest decision I made for me. But what are you stuck in? Or afraid of? What keeps you up at night because there’s something not right in your career. More importantly, how do you do it? Take the risk. If you ask me it begins with recognizing where you came from and what makes you…. Well you. Because what matters in this life is who you are supposed to be. And how that fits into a career. You’re not a number. And you never will be.


I mean life is too short to keep chasing things that leave you wondering is there more. Make a plan, take action, question something. But do it for your life.



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