About Us

Why Me?

A New York City Love Story…

I am a New York City transplant from rural pennslyvania. I moved here to chase my dream of working in the startup world and blazing a path. I spent 10 year working for some of the biggest companies in the US. Now I’m down in the trenches experiencing everything NYC has to offer.

I’m your typical millennial. I’m pretty certain I am broke. I’m not married. I’m renting (not living with my parents +1 for me.) The mound of student debt lets me know retirement is a joke. But I’m still going to do everything I can to love the life that I have along with the experiences. 

I believe writing and honest is what the world needs so if you’ve stayed with me until now you’re in for a surprise. Seriously, what’s better than a country boy with no money trying to make it in the city? Okay okay…I know Hamilton is playing on Broadway…But take this trip with me and we’ll see what life is like and where I end up next. Life isn’t about the missed opportunities it is about the chances we’re taking.

If you’re here for more business related things….my resume is below:



j.k no resume here….yet.