Still Here. NYC Life

NYC Life…I have to confess I haven’t been that good about blogging since getting to nyc. To be honest first few weeks and first days at the job. In a new city. I am not going to lie was overwhelming. But once you find your pace things get better. Easier in fact. And I have a lot to say about that.


However I have given a lot of thought to my blog. What the hell do people want to hear? I kept asking myself that. Two things happened during this soul searching of what a blogger is supposed to be doing. The writer in me fought off being cliché. Being the county boy in the city. And I realised I am just going to keep the ideas flowing that I already had. Talking about what it is actually like. My perspective is unique (all of ours are.)


And that includes all that is taking to make it here. Startups and insurtech are now part of my life for good. Thoughts on what it means to be a New Yorker for better or worse. I know I will definitely offend people at times. But others hopefully will find some value in it. That I am being honest and not hiding things. My heart on my digital pages as I see it. And those of you who do read. Don’t be afraid to tell me what you wanna know about. Or how you actually feel.


I will leave you with one thing though I learned. Living here changes the way you view everything. What seems exotic or out of the ordinary starts to become routine. Like it is something you do everyday like breathing. But oddly enough I don’t find that sad. What you exchange for the allure or mystique is diversity. You begin to see what the city offers those who brave it. You get the good, the bad, and the ugly.  And the appreciation of all those things runs deep. Everyday you’re reminded about it. The city is alive and we all interact with it.